“What a great time Jose and I had. We did not expect to go to a meeting about bookkeeping and leave saying that was an awesome meeting! What we did expect was to see you, have you tell us it is going to take X amount of hours to fix what is wrong, pay a crazy amount to fix and maintain it, take our money and call the next customer in . What we got instead was a true professional who cares, someone who takes the time to explain and listen and is passionate about what they do and helping small business owners and people in general succeed. I know that time and information is valuable and I wanted to say thanks to you and Keathel for taking the time out to give us the advice and insight on some matters that if I had to guess probably are not included in your free consultation or anyone else’s. We left with the feeling that she really is interested in helping relieve the work load of small business owners anyway she can, and not give me your money and I will send you some reports, or it’s all or nothing. With your vision for your business, knowledge, and personality I can see you becoming very successful so keep up the good work! You have a good thing going! Thank you again and I will start spreading the word about Paper Pushers and Fresh Legal Perspective!”


Gregory Bennett, President, Axiom Power LLC


axiom power

“I was impressed with you the first time I met you. A year later, seeing you in action, week in and week out, has impressed me even more. You are professional, committed to your clients’ success, and your financial work is top notch. I highly recommend you and your Paper Pusher team to anyone searching for knowledgeable and committed bookkeepers.”


-Gary Teaney, Transformational Consulting for Business


Transformational Consulting Logo

“I have had the pleasure of working with Samantha on a multiple different projects and must admit that she is one of the more impressive individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Samantha has incredible follow up skills, great communication and a no games attitude when meeting goals and objective. As a member of my networking group, Samantha hit the ground running. She is very personable and forward thinking. I would recommend Samantha to any of my clients from big to small because I know the level of commitment and dedication to her profession would be nothing less than 100%. With someone like Samantha on your team, you will drastically increase your ability to attain ultimate success.”


-Naim Hamdar, Vice President of Sales, CardConnect FL


“As a CPA with over 20 years of experience with businesses, I’ve seen the best and the worst of accounting records and bookkeepers. A good bookkeeper is a blessing to a business’s CPA and a bad bookkeeper can nearly run a business into the ground. Samantha is not just a good bookkeeper. Samantha is the brightest young professional who I have worked with in years. She brings spirit and joy back in the bore of keeping your business’s books. Her youth and energy is just the beginning of what she delivers to her clients. Samantha is dedicated to finding every way possible to help her clients. She brings a comprehensive analysis to her strategic plans, making sure to find the best ways to save her clients time and money and give them the information and training that they need to run their business better.”


-Rosella Rinaldo Paul, CPA

As one of the youngest business owners I work with, Samantha Abraham, CEO of My Paper Pusher, started her company in April 2013 with her two partners, Keathel Chauncey and Teri Morrow, with a vision to take the burden of bookkeeping off a business’s back with exceptional accessibility, accountability, and an awesome accounting service experience. Most days you’ll find Samantha doing a little bit of everything – consulting with small businesses to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their current bookkeeping systems, traveling to her clients’ offices to do some bookkeeping in QuickBooks, and meeting with the fabulous My Paper Pusher team to discuss new ways to help clients save time and money with outsourced bookkeeping. Samantha absolutely adores her clients, especially nonprofit clients! She began working with Wheels of Success in August, and every minute working with Susan and her team has been a thrilling challenge. “I’m excited to be able to help small nonprofit organizations prosper in any way I can. When Wheels asked me to optimize their bookkeeping systems, I couldn’t wait to get started. I look forward to each Wednesday morning when I get to see just how much good Wheels does for our community,” said Samantha. My Paper Pusher offers expert bookkeepers and customized solutions to fit every client’s needs.


-Susan, Jacobs, of Wheels of Success


Wheels Logo

“I just had a meeting with my business coach, and he was raving about how organized, how wonderful, and how accurate the reports are. You truly have taken tons of weight off my shoulders by helping me out with my QuickBooks. You truly have taken the stress out of my financial aspect of my business. Words can’t describe how I really feel. You would be a great asset and addition to any office.”


-Dr. Archana Mehta, Chiropractic Naturally


Chiropractic Naturally Logo

‘You and your team are committed to providing exceptional service. It’s a pleasure to get complex and accurate financial statements and data from clients that use My Paper Pusher. Everything is organized, easy to read, and usually at the client’s fingertips.”


-Sam Wax, My Easy Mortgage


“The services offered by My Paper Pusher are invaluable. Who wouldn’t want the burden of inputting all those entries into QuickBooks taken off their back? Aside from the obvious, however, I love working with you because you are so professional and knowledgeable, in addition to being a real people person who is always a pleasure to see.”


-Tyler Yonge, Drummond Wehle LLP


drummond logo

“Working with you and your team has been amazing. The level of expertise displayed by you and your team helped me to organize my finances very quickly and easily. Your monthly discussions with me about my business’s progress have helped me to analyze and grow my business exponentially. Your level of commitment to your clients is remarkable.”


-Julé Colvin, GrantPathways


Grant Pathways Logo

“I couldn’t have found My Paper Pusher at a better time; I had just started my own business and needed to ‘do the books’ myself. I started off trying to utilize my rusty accounting and finance knowledge, but knew I needed a skilled professional. That’s when you and your team came to the rescue. After a lengthy training session. I was up and running. You took away the frustration and confusion of QuickBooks. I’m reassured in knowing that help is only an email away should any issues arise. I look forward to a lengthy business relationship with you and your team at My Paper Pusher.”


Jenn Saldutti, Hairstylist at Salon Lofts – Loft 22

“You and your team at My Paper Pusher take a huge administrative burden off of our plates.The level of expertise demonstrated by you and your team is outstanding. We are confident that our books are in order and that allows us to spend more time growing our business and doing good work for our clients.”


-David B. Singer, Singer & O’Donniley, P.A.



“Working with you and your team at My Paper Pusher has been wonderful!  Your service has provided me with the confidence that my administrative tasks are being handled in a professional and responsible manner, freeing my time to do the important work of building my client relationships and servicing their needs.  You have the type of personality that makes you a joy to work with, and your expertise makes it easy to accomplish my business goals. I know that my office responsibilities are taken care of with My Paper Pusher!”


-Phil Kessel, USA Benefits Group