Conference Call Tips for Board Meetings:

Conference Call Tips for Board Meetings: Sometimes, your Board of Directors cannot attend every board meeting due to conflicts with work, family, or day-to-day life. Take advantage of the free resources available to you and your organization for Board Meetings, such as a conference line.

When hosting a conference call, there are three important tips to ensure the call goes smoothly, learn about them here:

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In 2012 UNV launched the Volunteer Actio

In 2012 UNV launched the Volunteer Action Counts campaign to tell the world about the impact of volunteering by documenting the actions of volunteers across the globe. Over 64 million actions were counted by the time the Rio+20 summit took place — a “remarkable testament to bottom-up, grassroots commitment” yet one more demonstration of how Rio+20 is mobilizing a global movement for change, as UN Secretary-General, Mr Ban Ki-moon, said to the United Nations General Assembly in 2012.

— #IVD2015

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