Bookkeeper Tips

Ever wonder about the things you do not know about your bookkeeper??
“As promised, here is the first post in a series “Things I Didn’t Know About My Bookkeeper”.
A bookkeeper can be a huge asset. If you use that resource properly, a bookkeeper can really help your business succeed. The problem is that the position isn’t the same as a customer service rep, a mechanic, or a receptionist. Many times the bookkeeper is off-site, and rarely deals with any of your products or customer directly.

Tip #1 – Don’t assume the bookkeeper knows anything about your industry.
Depending on the size of your business, you may have a bookkeeper sub-contracted off-site, or full time in the office. I have worked in both of these scenarios throughout my career. For example, I worked in an auto repair shop for a couple years in house. When I started, I didn’t know a thing about fixing a car. I have to admit, by the time I left, I didn’t know much more than when I started. Unlike the mechanic or cashier, I wasn’t being trained on the business. My job did not require me to learn the products. At no point did an employee come to me for advice on how to switch out the transmission on an ‘82 Camaro.
Why does this matter?
Especially in the case of an off-site bookkeeper, you can’t assume that they understand the details of your industry. If you give them a bill from a vendor, don’t assume that they’ll know what the items on this bill are for. Are they parts? Were they for a specific job? Are they shop supplies? At some point, I would eventually pick up that Vendor A is where you buy your shop supplies, and Vendor B is where you get your office supplies. However, if Vendor B happened to have a deal on shop supplies, I wouldn’t necessarily notice the difference, especially if the bill has MSG1034 as the line item instead of “ballpoint pens”. Once in a while, this isn’t a big deal. If this happens regularly, you no longer have an accurate picture of where you money is going.”
Read more about the things you may not know about your bookkeeper here:

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