Why Hire an Outsourced Administrative Professional?



Membership based nonprofit organizations often would not exist without the support of a dedicated Board of Directors who run the organization. However, these board members are often also full-time professionals.
When considering whether to rely on your board of directors or hire an outsourced professional, consider 3 benefits of outsourcing your administration:
First, you avoid conflicts of interest. Since a board member has a personal, fiduciary duty to oversee the operations and finances of the organization, it can sometimes create a conflict of interest for them to operate the organization and do the bookkeeping.
Second, outsourcing administrative tasks gives your board more time to focus on fundraising and growing membership – which is their best and highest use – rather than doing administrative tasks.
Last, an outsourced professional provides a reliable, consistent expert and a dedicated point of contact – across all board term limits and rotation of officer positions.
Outsourced administration is often the most cost-effective and efficient way to access professional expertise and help your membership organization grow.


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