Why team build? It’s important for helping employees get to know each other and can even boost communication and skill development. Basically, it’s an investment in your company and employees. But what about the dread that’s often associated with team bonding? How do you avoid that? The first step is picking an activity that’s awesome, exciting, and creative so your team can’t help but be pumped. Here are five ways to team build without sacrificing creative energy or team morale.

1. Design a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be incredibly fun as an activity that not only encourages friendly competition but also exercises critical thinking. It’s a great way to bond, especially if you have new team members. The Tampa-Bay Area is chock full of options for a creative, custom scavenger hunt. Use Instagram to make it a little more exciting or even throw in drinks or dinner as a reward.

2. Cook Together

Cooking takes patience, practice, and a creative spark, making it the perfect team building activity. Enjoying food has been used to bond and connect for centuries. Eating something together that you’ve also cooked together is amazing — even if the end result isn’t. Whether you choose sushi, gourmet meals, or BBQ, you can be sure that your team will relax and get to know each other.

3. Go on a Renegade Museum Tour

Museums celebrate history, culture, and inspiration. The hidden stories of the art and artists are great for inspiring staff. Taking your team on a museum tour that’s customized to fit your company’s history, themes, and values, proves team building can be fun and rewarding. Sometimes getting out of the office and experiencing something new is all it takes for your team to get inspired and motivated.

4. Create Something

Similar to cooking, creating something with your hands is a great way to get a group of employees thinking outside the box. Artsy team building activities don’t take too much planning and creating something tangible is a huge bonus. Sand castles, sculpture, pottery — the list of art-related activities in Florida is endless. Pick one that everyone on the team will love, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zone.

5. Use Your Voices

If you’re in a profession where speaking or presenting are critical, try doing something that puts those vocal chords to work. Singing together may sound horrifying but a group karaoke session or a workshop with a pro can help employees develop their skills. Plus, it can be hilarious and a great way to bond!

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