Creating Value for Your Clients Through Real-Time Information By Rob Nixon

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You are not creating value for clients when you are offering historical services, aka compliance. The vast majority of the profession has the vast majority of their revenue in compliance.

Offering compliance services is being an intermediary between the client and the government. Your role is to facilitate, between the client and the government, the right amount of cash around the right time. Some would say that tax minimization is part of compliance, but I disagree.


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5 Creative and Fun Team Building Activities


Why team build? It’s important for helping employees get to know each other and can even boost communication and skill development. Basically, it’s an investment in your company and employees. But what about the dread that’s often associated with team bonding? How do you avoid that? The first step is picking an activity that’s awesome, exciting, and creative so your team can’t help but be pumped. Here are five ways to team build without sacrificing creative energy or team morale.

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