February 1, 2016 By Monika Beck


Do you love your spouse? Why not start a business together? Because of the growing trend for families to have both parents working, it is worth considering great business ideas for couples. business-ideas-for-couples

Consider these 10 business ideas if you want to start a business with your spouse:


1. Coaching for New Couples

Given that the first few years of marriage can be very challenging, couples often seek counseling for a wide variety of issues. If you have overcome the hurdles of the early marriage years with success, it indicates that you could be helpful to others. Thus, starting a business that helps other couples is a great way to do business with your spouse.

2. Bed and Breakfast

If both you and your spouse are talented at chores and cooking, you should consider opening a bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are becoming trendy due to the demand for inexpensive lodging. That being said, you must possess enough bedrooms to accommodate guests and have a large dining space. One of the benefits of this business is that it allows you to work with your spouse in your own home. If you have only one room to rent, you could use a service like Airbnb.

3. DJ Service

If both you and your spouse love music, a great business idea for couples is to invest in a karaoke system and start a DJ service. You can manage the equipment while your spouse takes care of the paperwork. You can buy music together and celebrate your music tastes. This creates a unique music list that appeals to many prospective clients.

4. Home Catering Service

If you are both foodies, this is a great option for you. Many clients would prefer that you cater from your home if they provide a proper inspection first. Be sure to check your local government regulations for requirements of starting a food business.


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