Posted by GrowthForce on January 29, 2016


4 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Taxes
Joyce M. Roseberg of Associated Press

Blood pressures are rising at many small businesses now that tax season is underway. Here are four tax issues small business owners should be thinking about now and year-round.



5 Financial Numbers Every Small Business Should Be Tracking From Day 1 and Why
Rich McIver, Founder of Merchant Negotiators, for SCORE

Here are five basic business figures that you should be tracking in your business from day one. And if your business is already underway, don’t worry, just start now.


Why Your Business Needs Cash-Flow Yoga
Carol Roth for Entrepreneur

Cash flow is a challenging concept for many to understand. Carol describes it as the actual movement of dollars in your business — where money is coming into your business from and where it’s ultimately going to. And the way to master it is through a phrase she has coined called “cash flow yoga.”


7 Small Steps for Big Changes This Year
Pete Wargent, Co-Founder of Allen Wargent Property Buyers, for MYOB

Keeping it small and achievable should make a positive impact on your year.Here are 7 ideas for small steps towards healthy business habits.


8 Innovative Ways to Increase Cash Flow And Cover Expenses
John Rampton, founder of, for Intuit

In focusing on how to increase your business’ revenue, you may find that your ideas will sometimes deliver greater expenses than actual returns. However, not every pathway to extra income has to correlate with increasing revenue. Instead, consider options that can passively pad the wallet. Here are some income boosters to consider that don’t require boosting revenue.


9 Tips for Communicating Decisions You Don’t Agree With
Michelle Kankousky of Insperity 
How do you communicate a decision to your team when you disagree with it? As a part of management you don’t want to undermine the rest of your leadership team by openly criticizing their decision. At the same time, you must be honest with your employees in order to maintain their loyalty and respect. It’s a tough task, so here are nine steps to communicating business decisions you don’t agree with.


Decision-Ready Management Accounting
& Controller Services For Growing Businesses

GrowthForce provides cloud based bookkeeping, management accounting and controller services – specializing in delivering actionable financial intelligence that helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations grow. Call (281) 358-2007 or email for pricing or to schedule a financial systems consultation for your business.


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